Preserving open bottles of fine wine is becoming a necessity to reduce cost on wine spoilage. Whether preserving a single bottle opened at home, or several opened wine bottles served by the glass in a restaurant, we carry a line of wine dispensing and preserving equipment that are designed to dispense and preserve wine like a professional. These keepers use 100% nitrogen to preserve your wine, but no carbon dioxide. Our wine dispensing and preserving equipment are made in America by a leader in the industry, WINEKEEPER® USA. Winekeeper's line of dispensing and preserving systems have become the industry standard. Their use in thousands of the world's finest hotels, restaurants and homes makes enjoying fine wine an extended and pleasurable experience. WINEKEEPER® units consist of handcrafted, custom quality cabinetry and employ proven nitrogen gas preservation technology. These systems are also available in custom configurations and fabrications. Contact us for details. For technical specifications and frequently asked questions, please click on technical support.

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