Marketing and Promotion

  • Are you looking for a zealous representative to your wines?
  • Are you a wine importer looking for a broker in Michigan?
  • Are you a winery looking for an ambassador to your wines?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Look no further We can help!

Since the end of the prohibition, the wine industry has been growing in a very rapid pace. Every winery as well as wine importer has been competing and working harder today, to gain market shares.

We at Sommelier Connections understand and believe that the key to increasing wine sales as well as gaining market shares is knowing and understanding your market. We have being working in the wine industry, in Michigan, for over 15 years.

Our experience in the wine industry encompasses restaurants, Retail and wholesale. We consulted retailers, trained distributors, sales representatives, and represented several wine brand names. We are creative, zealous and efficient. We are a Michigan business who strongly believes in the potential of this market. With the inception of new restaurants and Gourmet wine stores, the demand for wine has soared.

Let us help you promote your wine and capture your share in our growing market. But most of all, give us the pleasure to be creative in promoting your wines, and watching your sales skyrocket.