We provide a complete turnkey service, from concept through completion, so your involvement can be as little or as much as you wish. We will be happy to work with your architect, interior designer, and builder to insure an accurate execution of design details.

By utilizing our knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled team of professionals combined with our attention to detail, and big-picture project management, your end result will be a state of the art masterpiece. We put your personal design issues, and collection habits first, to create a custom wine cellar that technically provides all the needed safeguards to protect your investment, while at the same time giving you years of comfort and enjoyment. Our competitive prices, as well as, our attention to details set us apart from the competition.

The Process:
1. Needs assessment & evaluation: First, we meet with the perspective client to evaluate & determine the following:

1. Your wine storage needs, habits, wishes and wants.
2. Design Elements Desired
3. Aesthetic Components Desired
4. Personal Objectives
5. Location in the Home
6. Technical Challenges (Click for more info)

2. We show the client our portfolio of custom wine cellars. We also discuss at that point our design packages. At that point the client becomes aware of our vast range of services and designs. They also begin to understand the need for making this a state of the art show room. We answer any questions and try to explain as much as possible. To assist us in designing a cellar to match your vision please click here to view and print the following forms.

3. We ask you to choose the design package- (click here to see design floor plan gallery & prices)

4. We then provide you with a computerized design, a complete itemized estimate for the whole job, and the time needed to complete the job.

5. If required by the client, we make any revisions or changes to the original design as needed till you are a 100% satisfied with the design.

6. Upon the client's approval, and receiving a deposit as stated in the estimate, we will then order the materials, and start the construction process.

Quality Wood Choices and Craftsmanship:
As with all of the products and services, we only deal with the manufacturers who meet our stringent specifications, and have proven, over time, to guarantee and support their products. Therefore, our custom racks feature a rich hand-sanded finish, beveled edges, and bottle spacers that are cut on an angle so you won't hit your hand when making cellar selections. In short, the genius is in the details.

In addition, our wine racks are manufactured from the finest wood available. We only deal with manufacturer whom they meet our high standard of quality. Although most of our racks are constructed from the All-Heart Redwood, we can build wine cellar from other high quality wood such as Honduran Mahogany, and furniture grade Red Oak.

Custom wine cellar designs can be very complex and create many challenges during installation. Inexperienced installers can result in a less than perfect final product. Therefore, we offer installation that is handled by a team of Skilled, trained trim carpenters and contractors. We can install the wine cellar racks at competitive prices.