We offer a variety of climate control solutions to protect your wine investments. Our line of exceptional cooling systems is designed, and meticulously engineered for wine preservation and longevity. Thus, ensuring that your wine is kept at the perfect temperature & humidity. Our knowledgeable staff working along with our experienced refrigeration engineers will help you select and size a system that fits your storage need, space, and budget.

Wine Cellar Construction Specifications: (Click to see explanations)
Please refer to the link above to see an explanation on how to properly construct a wine cellar considering all the elements that effect your wine; Temperature, Humidity, light, and vibration. In addition, a properly constructed wine cellar is imperative to the efficiency operation of any cooling system chosen for the wine cellar.

Self-Contained Thru-the-Wall


SC Series






Split System Cooling Units Fully Ducted

Split Series

Mini Split

Split Series

Extreme Series

1800 Series

3200 Series

4200 Series

Split Systems

Custom Split Ductless
  • Size determined by doing a heat loss calculation.
  • Same basic principals as above, except that the evaporator and condenser are split.
  • The evaporator coil is physically in the room; while the condenser is placed in another conditioned room or outdoors.
  • This system requires a permanent drain.
  • The only thing needed between the two units is copper tubing for the liquid line and suction line (specs contingent on sizing)
  • An optional humidifier is available if one wishes to be able to physically control the humidity.

Ducted Air Handler
  • Size determined by doing a heat loss calculation.
  • Same basic principals as above, except that this system is completely ducted Similar in principal to central air conditioning.
  • Has the capability of being able to physically control the humidity by adding a humidifier and a dehumidifier.
  • Also has the ability to add a temperature/humidity alarm.
  • Duct sizing and number of ducts depends on size of unit, and the "throw feet" rating of the grills use.
  • Air Handler and indoor condenser all in one package.
  • Supply and return air is ducted to and from machine.
  • Drain for excess condensation needed. Has the ability to add humidification and dehumidification.

Water Chiller
  • Uses chilled water instead of refrigerant to cool the coils.
  • Chiller, for now, is an indoor unit.
  • Waterfall application uses the chilled water and a solid mass to control humidity in the room.
  • Cold air is created with an air handler contained in a Redwood cabinet.
  • Chiller has a water reservoir, which needs to be monitored.
  • An auto fill system is an option.
  • Valance application is a trough like system that runs around the top of the room.
  • Uses chilled water to provide refrigeration and humidity.
  • There are no moving parts in the valance system.

All our cooling systems are warranted directly by the manufacturer. Please contact us for specific system warranty.