Unique Wine Cellars is a complete wine cellars solution. We custom design, construct and install wine cellars; as well as, selling pre-sized racking kits manufactured from premium red wood. We also specialize in wine cellars cooling systems, wine cabinets, wine dispensing equipment, and cigar humidors.

All of our material and products used, are meticulously and carefully picked through selected vendors and manufacturers who meet our strict specifications and have demonstrated, over time, to guarantee and support their supplies and products. This coupled with our detailed oriented services, and highly experienced professionals, afford us the opportunity to provide you with the highest level of customer service and quality products. Thus, our mission, "exceeding your expectation is our benchmark of excellence".

We also provide wine professional services designed to enhance and promote wine appreciation among novices, collectors, and restaurant working professionals. These services which are provided through our mother consulting company, SOMMELIER CONNECTION, INC. are: wine tasting parties, wine seminars & classes, wine appraising, restaurant wine menu developing & staff training, and wine promoting & Marketing. Click on Professional Wine Services.