Your wine cellar is the perfect environment to release your artistic passions. Our art accoutrements are designed to distinctly elevate the wine cellar concept to an aesthetically higher level. These new art effects will give wine cellar owners achance for artistic expression in a room thought of as mainly utilitarian.

Table Tops

pxcamosaictabletop1.jpg 4.7K

pzlindertable1.jpg 3.5K

pzmrdwdcoriantable1.jpg 4.4K

pzntiletabletop1.jpg 4.2K

Wood & Ceramic Tile Floors & Walls

rcircleofheaven1.jpg 3.8K

scompleteroom1.jpg 3.0K

tgrapevinemedalliion1.jpg 4.8K

urepeatingfloor1.jpg 4.1K

vsample3.jpg 2.5K

wcabinetfloor1.jpg 3.3K

xapricot1.jpg 3.9K

ydecaltiles1.jpg 5.3K

zafruitcloth1.jpg 3.9K

zzaagrapes1.jpg 3.8K

zzabpear1.jpg 3.6K

zzacplum1.jpg 4.2K


zzaeshowroomceilinglights1.jpg 3.9K

zzafglasceiling1.jpg 3.5K

zzaglighting2.jpg 3.9K

zzahlighting3copy1.jpg 3.1K

zzainewcliplight1.jpg 3.3K

zzajceilingcherub1.jpg 3.3K

Carvings & Frescoes

zzakreliefmounted1.jpg 3.4K

zzalfrescomounted1.jpg 4.1K

zzamgrapebasrelief1.jpg 4.3K

zzangrapebunchcarved1.jpg 4.0K

zzaogreekgod1.jpg 4.2K

zzapharvestingvinter1.jpg 4.1K

A more detailed art catalogue is available. Click on one of the following PDFs to view each category's detailed catalogue.

Fresco Tiles (3.5MB) Decorative Flooring (3.3MB)
Hand Painted Tiles (1.8MB) Decorate Ceilings (1.8MB)
Sculpted Tile (1.6MB) Wood Carvings (1.6MB)
Stained Glass (1.5MB) Etched Mirrors (1.0MB)
Ladders (1.4MB) Table Tops (1.5MB)
Lighting (1.9MB)